Association of Assessing Officers
Library Resources

Residential Extractions
A Fair Property Tax: The Assessor’s Work  (18 min.)
Residential Inspection  (20 min.)
Residential Construction  (45 min.)
Commercial Construction  (40 min.)
The Appraisal of Shopping Centers
Hidden Factors: Environmental Risk Evaluation & the Real Estate Appraiser

Slide Presentations

North Dakota Property Tax
Market Data Approach


Market Analysis & Applied Sales Comparison Approach

Textbooks & Booklets

Assessment Practices (self-evaluation guide)
Dollars & Cents of Convenience Centers: 1997
Dollars & Cents of Small Town /Non-metropolitan Shopping Centers: 1997
The State of Seniors Housing
Appraising Condominiums (paper), Appraisal Institute
Capitalization Theory & Techniques (study guide), Appraisal Institute
Readings in Real Property Valuation Principles, Appraisal Institute
Readings in Income Approach to Real Property
The Appraiser’s Workbook, Appraisal Institute
How To Pass Any General or Residential Appraisal Examination, Henry Harrison
Readings in Appraisal of Special Purpose Properties, Appraisal Institute
Readings in Market Value
Income Property Valuation, Jerry Fisher & Robert Martin
Property Assessment Valuation, IAAO
Property Taxation, 2nd Edition, Institute of Property Taxation
Houses: The Illustrated Guide to Construction, Design and Systems, Henry Harrison
Glossary for Property Appraisal & Assessment, IAAO
Property Appraisal & Assessment Administration, IAAO
Appraising Residential Properties, Appraisal Institute
Shopping Centers & Other Retail Properties
Hotel/Motel Valuation:  A Basic Overview
Valuation of Subsidized Housing, IAAO
Issues Confronting Properties Affected by Contamination or Environmental Problems,


•        Mass Appraisal of Real Property, IAAO
Land Valuation, Appraisal Institute

The NDAAO Library Resources are available at the State Tax Department.  If you would like any information about the resources and are a member of  NDAAO, please contact the state office.